Alpecin – New to gorgeousshop

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Alpecin is a new brand here at gorgeousshop, so we thought we’d give you a bit of background about it and what Alpecin does!

Alpecin is a well established hair care brand which started in 1930. After many years of research conducted by Dr. August Wolff, Alpecin was developed to be the first hair care product to treat scalp conditions combined with hair loss treatment.

Alpecin have been committed in finding the latest effective technology to combat the effects of scalp conditions and hair loss, introducing their Caffeine Complex was an innovative step towards the care of hereditary hair loss and prolonging the hair growth phase.

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Georgie has the job every girl wants! She has spent the last 18 months in hair and beauty heaven as Gorgeousshop’s Purchasing Manger. She spends her days researching and trying out new products - hoping to make everyone Gorgeous. Recently trained on bareMinerals, she knows her make-up inside out and is happy to give advice to anyone. She’s always looking for new brands so don’t hesitate to email in your ideas…as soon as she’s finished painting her nails (with Jessica nail polish; which is obviously research) she’ll do her best to get back to you.

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